goals of the 12 step way

 "The goals of the steps are:

  • Peace with God
    • Step 1 is about recognizing our brokenness
    • Step 2 is about the birth of faith in us
    • Step 3 involves a decision to let God be in charge of our lives
  • Peace with ourselves
    • Step 4 involves self-examination
    • Step 5 is the discipline of admitting our wrongs
    • Step 6 is the beginning of an inner transformation sometimes called repentance
    • Step 7 involves the transformation or purification of our character
  • Peace with others
    • Step 8 involves examining our relationships and preparing ourselves to make amends
    • Step 9 is the discipline of making amends
    • Step 10 is about maintaining progress in recovery
  • Keeping the peace
    • Step 11 involves the spiritual disciplines of prayer and meditation
    • Step 12 is about spreading the word